"Celtic Knights" - August 16‑18, 2019
We are accepting art for the following media:
Con Book Pages (Full or Half)
6" Wide
9" High
6" Wide
4.5" High
Attendee Badges
3.5" Wide
2.25" High
Theme your submission(s)
for one or more of our
registration levels:

  • Settler
  • Page
  • Warrior
  • Chieftain

Click here to view and download the badge art template
Click here to view and download a badge art example
Room Name Banners
2' Wide
6' High
We need banners for these rooms:

  • Main Events
  • Headless Lounge
  • Attendee Services
  • Dealers Den
  • Artist Alley
  • Game Room
  • Registration

(please send a version with no text)